Fox News Hosts Laugh As Washington Post Reporter Accidentally Draws An Inappropriate Picture

( “Washington Post Live” last week featured a recap of the January 6 select committee hearing in which the Post’s James Hohmann used a telestrator to draw connections between committee witnesses Shaye Moss, Brad Raffensperger, Rusty Bowers, and Gabriel Sterling.

And Hohmann’s drawing took on a somewhat unfortunate shape.

In short, he ended up drawing a penis and testicles.

Wednesday night, Fox News host Jesse Watters and guest Joe Concha did a segment on Hohmann’s “Telestrator Tragedy,” in which the pair had a little fun at the Washington Post’s expense.

Concha noted the irony that one of the witnesses circled by the male genitalia went by the initials “BJ” Pak. He also expressed disappointment that it wasn’t Jeffrey Toobin that was on the telestrator. If you recall, Jeffrey Toobin was suspended from CNN after masturbating during a staff Zoom call with the Atlantic.

Concha wrapped up the jocular segment by joking that he knew when he woke up that morning he’d be talking about this on primetime TV in front of 2.5 million people.

Watch HERE.