Fox News Host’s Outrageous Claim Leads To Backlash

( One of the main characters on “The Five,” Geraldo Rivera, is again in hot water with his more conservative detractors. The imbroglio is over an opinion he expressed on Twitter about the House GOP majority and its priorities, particularly the investigation of Hunter Biden for his prior dealings and the question of what Joe Biden knew about them.

Geraldo was furious about appointing special counsels to investigate whether President Biden and former President Donald Trump improperly held sensitive material.

Geraldo commented on all of that in a social media post, calling the appointment of a Special Counsel to look into President Biden “as pathetic” as the raid and obsessive investigation of President Trump. Rivera said to condemn them both, deny them access to the library, and then continue on for the sake of the nation.

“This case has 0 impact on the American people,” Rivera said.

In the comments section of that piece, conservative Twitter users ripped Geraldo, saying things like

-I may be incorrect, but I don’t recall you responding with hostility when armed agents searched the Trumps’ wife’s underwear drawer during the raid on their home.

-The Democrats are your tribe, so talk to them. For the past six years, we have heard nothing but BS about Trump, in addition to the millions of dollars in wasted tax dollars spent on investigations and two impeachments. We should move on because Democrats are being investigated right now?

-Your explanation is no longer credible. Nothing you say will change our understanding of what is happening. Joe Biden is at fault.

-Whitewashing a VP taking secret information and keeping them for more than 6 years on numerous insecure sites is NOT the best look Geraldo, it has been revealed that they are neatly related to topics/nations his son Hunter was doing business with. A little sus…

-What if Biden was hiding top-secret documents regarding Ukraine to prevent people from learning how dishonest he has been and how much money they have paid him for influence…? Trump did not benefit from having access to top-secret documents. Biden MUST be looked into…

Following news that Biden’s attorneys had uncovered a cache of secret documents inside the home’s garage, Republicans on Capitol Hill demanded the visitor logs this past weekend. Although it is standard procedure to maintain thorough visitor records in the White House, Biden’s attorneys claim no such record exists for his house in Delaware.