Fox News Is Pushing For Paul Pelosi’s DUI Arrest Dashcam Footage To Be Released

( On Monday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Jesse Watters lambasted the Napa County district attorney’s office for its decision to delay the release of the DUI mugshot photo of Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi. Watters characterized this decision as a classic illustration of liberal privilege.

Watters announced on his primetime show that the District Attorney’s office in Napa County was compelled to make public Paul Pelosi’s booking photo from the night he was arrested for drunk driving while Nancy was out of town.

He said that the deadline for his Freedom of Information Act request was that very day the photo was released. He said it was a good approximation of a sketch he, comically, had commissioned in place of the actual release.

More than two weeks were spent trying to prevent Pelosi’s photo from being released to the public by corrupt politicians and political appointees in California.

“Why?” Watters asked. “Was it that bad?”

Watters then quipped that he looked pretty good for a drunk 82-year-old.

He said Napa County asserted that releasing the photo would jeopardize the inquiry. He said that was ludicrous, and the police only attempted to defend Nancy Pelosi. She is the most powerful woman in the United States and the most powerful Democrat in the state of California.

Watters said that It is important to note that the police provided this information to all other media outlets before delivering it to Fox, even though they were the only network that requested it.

The Fox host said, “this has nothing to do with politics. It’s all about being fair. We are interested in learning what took place. We have the right to the same information as anyone else who isn’t married to a member of the California royal family.

Watters said the District Attorney continues to put up roadblocks about the dash cam, body cam, and drunk tank cam, but he will not give up on this case. There are legitimate concerns that must be addressed for the benefit of the American people. For example, why was Pauly P. out so late while Nancy was out of town? Was he the only passenger in the car? When the police arrived at the scene, what did he say to them when they questioned him? Did he try to give them $100 under the table? Did he have the ability to walk in a straight line and touch the tip of his nose? Hop on one leg?

Everything must be brought to our attention.