Fox News Owner Admits Stars On Network Believed Allegations Against Dominion 

( Rupert Murdoch was given a critical Mediaite editorial written by its editor Colby Hall. After reading it, the media tycoon agreed there was “some truth” to it, according to new documents filed in the explosive Dominion case against Fox News. 

Dominion Voting Systems, suing Fox News for defamation and demanding $1.6 billion in damages, disclosed damaging private statements made by Fox News on-air personalities and executives in the wake of the 2020 election. 

Several analysts, from Mediaite’s editor-in-chief Aidan McLaughlin to First Amendment expert Floyd Abrams, have predicted the suit’s eventual outcome would be disastrous for Fox. 

A former Murdoch lieutenant and the current president of ABC News, Preston Padden, sent an article to Rupert from the website Mediaite on November 23. 

According to the article’s claims, FNN’s top-rated opinion presenters have continued to entertain the increasingly absurd conspiracy idea that the election was stolen from Trump via massive voting fraud. 

The report said Maria Bartiromo had just let Trump’s attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, speak on her Sunday morning program. Both made outlandish, unsubstantiated claims about who won the election and said it was Trump. Bartiromo looked thrilled by the news, and she never questioned her guests’ statements, taking their word for it as if it was the facts. 

Rupert read the piece and acknowledged that it had some truth, but he also said he had been listening to Tucker Carlson, who called out that insane would-be lawyer Powell.  

Murdoch said in court that Fox was trying to straddle the line between presenting the conspiracy theories, but also pointing out that they are not factual, as well. 

Nonetheless, Rupert conceded that other presenters backed “this erroneous concept of a stolen election” and did not dismiss the assertions as ridiculous. 

In the last sentence of his almost 2,000-word analysis of Fox’s post-election message, Hall remarked on the deadly tightrope walk being indelicately pursued by Fox. 

Many of the more than 70 million people who voted for Trump in 2016 will always have the conviction that the 2020 election was stolen if Trump refuses to stand down or ever admit that he lost the election fairly and squarely and if Fox News presenters continue to tremble in the face of his conspiracies. 

That’s a pretty precarious situation, given the hostilities on both sides.