Fox News Reporter Dies Suddenly

( Former Fox News correspondent Jim Angle passed away last week at his home in Arlington Virginia at the age of 75.

Angle joined Fox at its inception in 1996 as a senior White House correspondent and later became the chief national correspondent. He also served as Brit Hume’s fill-in anchor for “Special Report.” Angle retired from Fox News in 2014.

During his time at Fox, Angle reported on some of the most significant news stories in the country. He covered the 2000 Bush/Gore Florida recount, the 1999 impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, and Clinton’s reelection in 1996.

Angle worked at both CNN and ABC News before joining the fledgling Fox News Channel.

During his time at ABC News, Angle was honored with the “Excellence in Financial Journalism Award” for his economic reporting on “Nightline” in 1994 and 1995.

While at CNN, Angle covered politics and the economy. He was CNN’s reporter covering Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign when veteran journalist Brit Hume talked him into leaving CNN and joining the upstart Fox News.

On hearing the news of Angle’s death, Brit Hume said on Twitter that they were both White House correspondents “back in the day” before becoming colleagues at Fox. Hume called Angle an “excellent journalist” and a “wonderful friend.”

In a statement after his death, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott described Jim Angle as a talented and fearless reporter who was instrumental in establishing Fox’s Washington Bureau in 1996.

Fox News anchor John Roberts said Jim Angle was “a newsman’s newsman” who will be missed.

Reuters White House reporter Steve Holland called Angle “a dear fellow and road warrior.” He described on Twitter their experience accompanying President George W. Bush on his secret Thanksgiving visit to Iraq in 2003.

Angle, who was born in Texas, received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Texas Tech University and earned a master’s in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas in Austin.

Before entering a career in journalism, Angle was drafted into the US Army where he did tours in Berlin and Vietnam.