Fox News Reporter Safe And Out Of Ukraine After Injury

( On Tuesday, a Fox News crew was among those killed and injured in a Russian attack near Kyiv. Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall was injured and two others were killed.

London-based Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski along with 24-year-old Fox consultant Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova were killed in the attack. Hall was injured by incoming fire and was hospitalized. According to the Ukrainian military, Hall “lost part of his leg.”

The three had been traveling by car in the town of Horenka when they came under mortar fire.

On Wednesday, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott confirmed that Benjamin Hall was safely out of Ukraine and was being treated “with the best possible care in the world.” Scott said Hall was “alert and in good spirits” and Fox was in constant contact with his wife and family.

For the past month, Ukrainian journalist Sasha Kuvshynova had been assisting the Fox News crew, helping them to navigate around Kyiv and the surrounding area. She also worked behind the scenes to gather information and speak to local sources.

Pierre Zakrzewski had worked as a warzone photographer for Fox News. During his tenure, he reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. He had been covering Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in late February.

According to Suzanne Scott, Zakrzewski played a “key role” in helping get Fox News Afghan freelance associates and their families out of Afghanistan after the US withdrawal last year. He was given the Unsung Hero award at the December 2021 employee Spotlight Awards for his actions.

Since the start of the war, at least three journalists have been killed in Ukraine. On Saturday, American video-journalist Brent Renaud was killed after he came under heavy fire and shelling in the city of Irpin.