Fox News Says Ron DeSantis “Inherited” Florida’s Success

Although Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has not formally declared his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, a panel on Fox Business has already given him a short evaluation.

In the months leading up to this week’s expected announcement, the governor has been barnstorming the country, particularly early primary, and caucus states, to garner support. He is far behind former President Trump in the polls.

Mark Simone, Pete Hegseth, and Larry Kudlow expressed their disappointment with DeSantis’s performance on Monday’s episode of Kudlow.

Kudlow said he’s waiting for DeSantis to show an economic success agenda. He said this election is all about money. There will be voting at dinner tables. The victor will be the candidate whose platform is most conducive to economic growth.

One of Florida’s most significant employers, Disney, rejected legislation DeSantis signed into law last year, and Kudlow criticized him for his vendetta against the firm.

Kudlow believes DeSantis blew it with Disney. He said Conservatives and free market advocates rarely, if ever, criticize corporations. They do help businesses and the economy. 

Simone remarked that everything you love about Florida is what Desantis inherited– like the no-state tax. He said one can see how DeSantis made Disney into the Third World War. Consider what he may do if he met Putin.

In response to DeSantis’s handling of concerns pertaining to Ukraine, Hegseth weighed in with criticism, saying DeSantis has been on both sides of the Ukraine issue. Trump has been clear about it.

Simone concluded that DeSantis is socially inept.

“He’s got all the drama of Trump without the charm or humor,” he remarked.

DeSantis is behind Trump well into double-digit territory. When he first hit the scene, he was the darling of the conservatives.

He has primarily derailed himself while the Trump train keeps chugging along.