Fox News Star And Trump Enemy Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman

( You know Geraldo Rivera. He is the infuriating token liberal who appears regularly on Fox News who has perpetuated false narratives about former President Donald Trump and even pushed the debunked conspiracy theory that said the former president colluded with Russia.

And after years of smearing the former president, who has been wrongly accused of all sorts of sexual improprieties, Rivera himself has now revealed in his own memoir that he took part in a culture of workplace sex and was even accused of sexual misconduct by actress Bette Midler.

The fact that he even chose to admit this himself is astonishing. Is he expecting it to come out and is trying to get ahead of the news, or something?

The National File reports how, in his memoir, Rivera admits that a young woman once consented to engaging in sex with him and his roommates. He described how the boys would take turns having sex with her, and that these days, he would be “filled with rescue fantasies for this creature” but that back then, all he wanted to do was outperform his roommates.

“I announced I would be first up, leading the girl into my bedroom and silently marveling at the good fortune that had smiles on our home,” he said.

That is just…insanely creepy.

On page 195 of the memoir, Rivera described how he took advantage of two young college coeds from out of town who were infatuated with the television news business and worked with him at the time. He said that one a slow news day, the three of them would regularly disappear to a room in their office and have sex.

This doesn’t sound like admitting guilt. This sounds like bragging.

Imagine wanting to disappear into a broom cupboard with this guy…

And finally, the National File noted how Bette Midler admitted in 1991 that Rivera once pushed her into a bathroom, put poppers under her nose, and then groped her.

This book was published decades ago.

Why is it that this is only coming out now?