Fox News Star Erupts Over News Involving Mandates

( During a segment on New York City’s vaccine pass mandate, Fox & Friends cohosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy found themselves on opposite sides of the issue.

Kilmeade came down on the side of Liberty, arguing that the government shouldn’t be allowed to make medical decisions for its citizens. He blasted the city for deciding who can and can’t go to plays, movies, bars, restaurants or gyms. He scoffed at the idea of forcing some New Yorkers to shelter in place like its Afghanistan because they haven’t gotten vaccinated.

Kilmeade also pointed out that even those who have recovered from COVID and now have natural antibodies would be barred from entering any indoor space despite the fact that they don’t need to get vaccinated for a virus their bodies are already protected against.

Doocy’s response was stunning, telling Kilmeade that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio “could be right” and that this vaccine mandate would force New Yorkers to get the vaccine “so that they can go into these places.”

Kilmeade reiterated that the Mayor shouldn’t be the one making medical decisions.

And like every other COVID Karen who believes the Constitution doesn’t apply during a “pandemic,” Doocy argued that it is a “public health crisis.” He also pointed out that some private restaurant owners are already requiring proof of vaccination for both their employees and customers.

Kilmeade countered that private restaurant owners can make that decision for themselves without it being mandated by the Mayor.

Brian Kilmeade makes a valid point regarding the crippling fines the health department plans to impose for those businesses that disobey. New York City’s onerous lockdowns have already done long-term damage to the hospitality industry. And now the city wants to impose even more damage on them – all so people who want to feel safe, as Doocy put it, can feel safe.

After this segment, they played an interview with one restaurant owner who pointed out the data which shows that the largest segment of New Yorkers still unvaccinated are blacks. The owner argued that this vaccine pass mandate is effectively singling out one racial group for discrimination.