Funny Video Shows Alleged Difference Between Conservative And Liberal Women

( A comical video posted by iOTWreport claimed that conservative women are tougher than liberal women. A stunningly attractive woman, presumably the conservative, saunters in high heels toward a heavy bag and proceeds to kick the crap out of it. She delivers high roundhouse kicks and deafening jabs and haymaker punches. Her skimpy dress clings to her toned, fit body. It’s an impressive display.
But the “punch” line to the video isn’t about how conservative and liberal women differ. The video pulls a fast one. It cuts to another venue where an effeminate man, the liberal, battles with a scary heavy bag. He slaps and runs, then returns, emitting fright noises as he tickles the bag and does comical “kicks.”
It seeks to emphasize an old cliché about liberal men being soy boys.
But is it a cliché?
Over ten years ago, researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark gathered information from hundreds of people in America, Argentina, and Denmark about their socioeconomic status, bicep size, and support for economic redistribution.

The data showed that men with more upper-body strength were less likely to favor left-wing policies.

Weaker men were likelier to put aside their self-interests and embrace a welfare state.

According to Professor Michael Petersen, “physically fit males consistently pursued the self-interested perspective on wealth redistribution” in all three countries.
Physically frail males, however, were more hesitant to promote their self-interest, as if disagreements over governmental policies were direct physical conflict amongst people.

Although many people consider politics a new phenomenon, it has existed inside our species for a long time.

Political ideologies are created by natural selection to work in situations that have arisen repeatedly throughout human existence.

The journal Psychological Science published the findings.

Trust the science. Conservative men, in the aggregate, are more robust than liberal men.

And the woman in the video is, as well.