George Santos Responds To Drag Queen Photos

( Georges Santos wants to set the record “straight,” as it were.

I did not perform in drag. When I was young, I enjoyed myself at a festival, “Santos told reporters as he touched down at LaGuardia Airport in New York after traveling from Washington, D.C.

The Republican from New York seemed to admit on Saturday that the photos of him wearing women’s attire are real, but he rejected the moniker “drag queen.”

The most recent obsession from the media alleging that I am a drag Queen or “performing” as a drag Queen is incorrect,” Santos tweeted earlier, refuting the accusations.

A Brazilian drag performer named Eula Rochard claimed to have met Santos while performing and said that in 2008, Santos entered a beauty competition in drag as “Kitara Ravache.”

“No, you people, I wasn’t a drag queen in Brazil. I had a good time at a festival when I was young,” Santos said in his first public statement in reaction to stories that emerged earlier this week. The New York legislator said to reporters at LaGuardia Airport, “Sue me for having a life.”

The lawmaker, an openly homosexual man, was recognized by a veteran Brazilian drag artist who tweeted a photo of herself with someone she claimed to be Santos during a parade in the Rio de Janeiro region in 2008.

Santos, who represents New York’s 3rd District, has come under intense scrutiny recently for lying and misrepresenting his educational, professional, and family histories, including saying that his mother was in the World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks of 2001.

On Saturday, Santos completely disregarded inquiries about his mother’s whereabouts on September 11 and instead directed his wrath onto the media.

As reporters continued to inquire about his mother’s whereabouts on September 11, Santos angrily criticized and berated them. Although he had said she was in the South Tower, immigration records have shown she was not in the US during the terrorist attacks.

In addition to avoiding answering whether he had talked with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, he refused to comment on his hotly contested committee assignments.

This week, according to a report from CNN, Santos was chosen to serve on two minor House committees, the Committee on Small Business and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.