George Soros Makes Quiet $1.6 Million Decision

According to this month’s lobbying filings, Soros’s Open Society Policy Center spent $1.6 million lobbying the White House and Congress in favor of the American Rescue Plan and Inflation Reduction Act. It’s Soros’s organization’s first lobbying on K Street since 2020.

This was a much-needed boost to President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign.

It’s also a boost to Soros.

According to the Capital Research Center, Soros may financially benefit from many of Biden’s green efforts. Ironically, Soros’s hedge funds have put billions into electric car manufacturer Rivian Automotive in California, which then had to lay off 6% of its workers last year because of rising inflation.

Soros’s influence over Democrats is not limited to lobbying. The billionaire greatly supports the party’s candidates and donates millions to progressive organizations annually.

According to Parker Thayer, an investigator for the Capital Research Center, which keeps tabs on Democratic advocacy groups, George Soros’ Open Societies Network has exercised enormous influence over this administration from day one, especially in support of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.

Thayer said that the Open Societies network intends to do what it does best, accumulate power, and that the reopening of the Open Societies lobbying shop evidences this.

On Tuesday, Biden officially kicked up his 2024 campaign with the motto “Finish the Job.” This is expected to highlight his passage of this and other bills.

Throughout Biden’s first term in office, Open Society’s lobbyists were able to keep maintain access to the White House. According to White House visitor logs, on December 15, Micaela Fernandez Allen, a former staffer to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi who now heads the lobbying arm of Open Society, met with Rachel Chiu, an official in the White House office of political strategy and outreach.

Allen has reportedly lobbied the White House for the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) Act. In addition, she discussed proposed legislation to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act with White House officials.

In addition to his work on national security bills, Allen has advocated for removing the authorization to use military force in Iraq.