George Soros Releases Statement After Being Named By Media

According to a far-left report, billionaire George Soros has spoken out against an alleged “right-wing conspiracy theory” that has linked him to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and the criminal indictments of ex-President Donald Trump. Soros claimed he did not know Bragg and had never donated to his campaign.

Soros had texted an answer to “Semafor” Steve Clemons’ question of why Trump supporters had linked him to Trump’s indictment.

However, according to a Breitbart report, Soros lied about his support for Alvin Bragg, the district attorney of Manhattan, who is committing prosecutorial abuse against Trump.

Soros assured Semafor that he and Bragg weren’t acquainted and didn’t provide any money to Bragg’s campaign for district attorney. 

As per the report, Semafor is a publication backed by Communist China.

Months after DA Bragg took office, George Soros boasted in a Wall Street Journal report that he had funded “Reform Prosecutors.”

Soros explained why he backed reform-minded prosecutors being elected and then getting re-elected. He said he had been very honest about it and had no plans to stop. He said that with the help of his contributions, reform-minded politicians would have their voices heard.

According to a Breitbart report from 2018, Soros continued to invest millions of dollars in under-the-radar municipal campaigns for district attorney, favoring progressive candidates who run against more established law enforcement officials.

Soros was active in at least 20 district attorney elections throughout the nation, according to a Los Angeles Times article from the same time. That only accounted for expenditures that had been publicly disclosed. Soros also gave to non-profits that participated in political activity but were not obligated to disclose their donors.

According to a 2021 story by Fox News,  billionaire George Soros gave the Color of Change PAC one million dollars which were then spent to support Bragg’s campaign.

Campaign finance records seen by Fox News Digital showed that both Jonathan Soros (George Soros’ son) and his wife, Jennifer Allan Soros made direct contributions to Bragg’s campaign.