Ghislaine Maxwell Says Photo Of Prince Andrew Was Doctored

( In her first interview from prison, the convicted trafficker of young girls Ghislaine Maxwell said that the now-infamous picture of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre was taken at her London home in 2000 is likely a “fake.”

Maxwell says she has no recall of that day or introducing the pair. She also feels no connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

Now serving a 20-year sentence for her part in a plan to exploit and traffic teenage girls with Jeffrey Epstein for at least a decade, Maxwell gave an interview from a Florida federal jail to British presenter Jeremy Kyle.

Maxwell is seen in FTC Tallahassee, phone to ear, discussing Epstein in a preview of the interview.

“I feel entirely separated from the person that people reference and speak about and all the different newspaper pieces, TV programs, and podcasts,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell seems suspicious of Giuffre’s story because, as she states,  “Her tale has changed many times.” “It’s really hard to tell truly what’s accurate or not.”

After Giuffre withdrew a second sexual abuse complaint against American lawyer Alan Dershowitz in November, she praised the Duke of York as a “dear friend” who should be “uplifted.” In court papers, Giuffre confessed that she “may have made a mistake” in alleging that Dershowitz had abused her when she was a teenager.

These statements convince Maxwell that Giuffre’s claims are dubious.

Maxwell said she did not believe the image was authentic since he could not recall the two people in it ever having met. “Only copies, and copies of copies, of that picture, exist; nobody has the original. Some experts say it seems to have been altered via picture editing software.”

“Not once do I recall her being in my house. Virginia was with Jeffrey on their trip, so it’s not impossible. However, I don’t remember taking that picture, and it doesn’t seem genuine, “She continued.

According to a Sunday article in The Telegraph, Prince Andrew is considering taking legal action to reverse his $12 million deal with Giuffre. In 2001, when Giuffre was 17, she claimed that the Duke of York raped and mistreated her on three separate occasions. Although Prince Andrew has disputed the charges, he is being pressured to settle by Buckingham Palace to prevent the case’s negative publicity from overshadowing Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

In an effort to clear the way for the Duke of York’s return to royal responsibilities, a campaign is underway to have Giuffre withdraw her claims against Prince Andrew and, if necessary, demand an apology.