Gmail Manipulation Leads To Lawsuit

( The Republican National Committee last month followed through on its threats and filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the tech giant of suppressing its fundraising emails ahead of the midterm election.

Last month, the RNC accused Google of deliberately suppressing get-out-the-vote and fundraising emails by sending millions of them to Gmail users’ spam folders.

According to RNC officials, this spam folder suppression only occurs on the final days of each month.

According to analytics, the RNC emails start the month with a “strong inbox delivery” of 90 to 100 percent only to drop to 0 percent at the end of the month.

For example, on September 28 alone, Gmail sent over 3.1 million RNC emails to spam folders. The following day, over 9.8 million RNC emails were spammed. And on the last day of the month, Gmail dumped over 9.97 million RNC emails into spam.

RNC officials have been discussing the issue with Google for months but have received “no resolution.”

Unsurprisingly, Google has denied that it is interfering with the Republican Party’s get-out-the-vote and fundraising efforts. In a statement to Fox News, Google said political affiliation doesn’t play a role in whether emails get filtered as spam. Instead, Google argues that the emails only get placed in the spam folder if Gmail users “say that they don’t want to receive an email.”

If users were marking RNC emails as spam, wouldn’t they all land in the spam folder every day of the month and not just on the last few days of each month?

RNC officials argue that Google’s “disproportionate suppression of Republican emails constitutes an illegal corporate contribution to Democrat candidates.” As a result, the RNC urged the Federal Elections Commission to open a formal investigation into Google’s Gmail practices.

And on Friday, October 22, the RNC filed suit against Google in the District Court for the Eastern District of California, accusing the company of discrimination.