Google Furious After Watch Dog Group Leaks Report Exposing Company

( This week, Google announced plans to sue the Competition Commission of India (CCI). It comes after a confidential CCI report was leaked revealing the results of an antitrust investigation into the American Big Tech company.

According to the Times of India newspaper, a CCI investigation has already determined that Google had abused its dominant position in the mobile phone operating system market, utilizing “huge financial muscle” to hurt competitors.

In the United States, Google’s Android operating system is the most popular phone operating system in the country, followed closely by Apple’s iOS. Since the decline of BlackBerry and Windows Phone, the mobile handset market has been dominated by Google and Apple.

In India, however, there are still several smaller operating systems in wide use, but most of them are limited to non-smartphone featurephone devices.

Before the results of the investigation were announced, Google said that it was looking forward to working with the CCI to show how Android has “led to more competition and innovation, not less.”

How can that be true? Google’s operating system destroyed BlackBerry, destroyed Palm’s WebOS, and destroyed Windows Phone, and now it’s virtually impossible to buy any smartphone running anything other than Google or Apple offerings.

But in a statement on Thursday, Google announced that a legal challenge had been mounted against the CCI in the Delhi High Court to stop any “further unlawful disclosures of confidential findings.”

Is Google afraid that the Indian government telling the truth could expose its abuse of its dominance in the market?

Google claims that the lawsuit is a protest against the “breach of confidence,” but you could probably fairly easily draw some different conclusions about it.