Google Just Went After Jordan Peterson

The CEO of the Daily Wire last week slammed YouTube over its crackdown on Daily Wire hosts who push back against the transgender movement, the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters reported.

In a Twitter thread on June 11, CEO Jeremy Boreing said YouTube had cited Daily Wire hosts Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, and Brett Cooper with around 200 violations for covering the “trans debate.” 

According to Boreing, in May, host Matt Walsh, whose documentary “What is a Woman?” tackles the transgender movement, was demonetized by YouTube.

In early June, YouTube imposed 7-day suspensions on both Candace Owens and Michael Knowles after both hosts received their second strike. Meanwhile, host Jordan Peterson received his first strike. After a third strike, a YouTube channel is permanently banned from the platform.

Boreing said in the previous 90 days, Daily Wire channels received 104 “Hateful and Derogatory” violations from YouTube, limiting the monetization of their channels, and every violation was related to their coverage of the trans movement.

In an email last Monday, YouTube confirmed to the Media Research Center that Candace Owens’ podcast received a strike for violating the platform’s policies on hate speech and harassment, and her channel was “temporarily suspended” for seven days. A second email confirmed that Knowles’ podcast also received a 7-day suspension for the same violation.

In his thread, Boreing said the Daily Wire’s YouTube channels garnered more than 157 million views the previous week, which breaks down to over 20 million views a day. He noted that despite the Daily Wire being among the “largest news brands” on YouTube, its channels “are on the verge of losing access to the platform.”

In a lengthy tweet responding to Boreing’s thread, host Candace Owens suggested that there might be a “driving force” behind “globally-sanctioned lies” that is targeting people like her who are willing to “stand against it” and get attacked in the media. She vowed that she would continue speaking out against “pop-fiction.”