Google’s Election Meddling May Finally Have A Solution

( In a lengthy op-ed at the Daily Caller, Robert Epstein, the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, outlined the work his research team was doing aggregating and analyzing political content on the search engines Google and Bing in the lead-up to Tuesday’s midterm elections.

According to Epstein, the team had already preserved over 1.9 “ephemeral experiences” that search engines can use “to shift policy opinions and voting preferences” ahead of the election, with Epstein estimating the team would likely capture over 2.5 million by election day itself.

According to the preliminary analysis of the data collected during the 2022 election cycle, Epstein’s team of “agents” found that in swing states, there was a high level of “liberal bias” in Google’s search results but not in Bing’s.

In some of the swing states, his team found that 92 percent of the autoplay videos offered by Google’s YouTube came from left-leaning news sources.

Epstein argued that the liberal bias in Google’s search results before November 8 may end up shifting “hundreds of thousands of votes.”

Epstein has been warning about Google putting its thumb on the scale for several years now. After the 2020 election, he appeared on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where he alleged that Google’s search manipulations could have shifted at least 6 million votes in the election.

He told Tucker that while Bing’s and Yahoo’s search engines weren’t biased in favor of Democrats, Google’s searches were. Epstein also claimed to have found a “smoking gun,” telling Tucker that in the days before the 2020 election, Google’s homepage reminder to vote was only sent to liberal agents on his team and not the conservative agents.

In his op-ed, Epstein maintains that by getting the word out and exposing Google’s Democrat bias during elections, it might be possible to force Google to abandon the practice.

He said his team hopes to have a “digital shield” in place by late 2023. This “digital shield” will consist of over 20,000 “field agents” tracking all 50 states who will expose Google’s bias and “shame Big Tech into staying clear of our elections.”

Read Epstein’s op-ed HERE.