GOP Calls In FEC Over Violations

( The Republican Party is getting involved in state elections for the Colorado Senate seat, preparing to file a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission that accuses the Democratic Party of participating in “illegal activities.”

A press release sent by the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Monday explained the situation further:

“Today, Chairman Rick Scott announced that the NRSC will be filing an FEC complaint on the Democrats’ illegal activities as part of their coordinated effort to hurt Republican candidate Joe O’Dea in Colorado.”

According to the press release, Democrats have participated in many different “illegal activities” in the race. This includes “sending out mailers that do not include a legally required disclaimer” as well as “failing to disclose their donors, spending and vendors, as required by federal law.”

Scott, the chairman of the NRSC, attached a separate statement of his own to the release, in which he accused Chuck Schumer, the majority leader in the U.S. Senate, and his team of liberal cronies of working on an “illegal campaign” against O’Dea, who is a businessman from Colorado.

In his statement, Scott said:

“In their haste to meddle in the Republican primary, Democrats have clearly violated federal law and FEC rules. While the NRSC does not get involved in primaries, we are exposing and will continue to expose the Democrats’ efforts to undermine the electoral process in a desperate attempt to protect failed Presidential candidate Michael Bennet.”

This complaint filed by the NRSC comes after the O’Dea campaign filed one of its own just last week. In that effort, his campaign asked a U.S. District Court in the state to block people from sending mailers that are attacking him by saying the GOP has endorsed his rival in the race, state Representative Ron Hanks.

According to the O’Dea campaign, the mailers don’t disclose who paid for the advertisements, which is a violation of federal election laws. The campaign is seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the Iowa-based commercial printing company, Christian Printing, from distributing the mailers anymore, ahead of the state’s GOP primary on June 28.

In the complaint filed with the FEC, the O’Dea campaign said the flyers are “part of a coordinated effort to use false electioneering communications to discredit Joe O’Dea, and potentially other Republican primary candidates, to ensure that a less electable Republican is nominated for the General Election.”

The flyers claim that the Colorado Republican Party endorsed Hanks, which isn’t true. They also go off on O’Dea for supporting the infrastructure bill proposed by President Joe Biden.

They also claim O’Dea contributed in the past to the political campaigns of Democrats who want “to take away your gun rights,” which includes Democratic Senator Michael Bennet, who he could face off against in the midterm election in November should he emerge from the GOP primary.

The lawsuit states:

“The harm to O’Dea is such that it will be extremely difficult to restore, particularly considering that many voters have, and will continue, to fill out their mail ballots while being misinformed by these false statements.”