GOP Group Reveals Biden’s Failures Responsible For Latest Optimism Among Republicans

( Ahead of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s historic win in Virginia on Tuesday night, the Republican Governors Association predicted a good result in the state in a memorandum issued to GOP donors. The memo outlined the multiple massive failures from the Biden administration that have ultimately weakened the president’s position and put the Democratic Party in danger in 2022.

The memo says that the Virginia race was a “toss-up,” a statement that ultimately proved true, despite the state widely being considered to be a Democrat one. Polls repeatedly showed Youngkin going up in popularity as Biden’s national approval ratings plummeted.

Dave Rexrode, the executive director at the Republican Governors Association, said that the Virginia campaign proved that Republicans can be competitive in Democrat-leaning states in the midterm elections last year.

And that should strike the fear of God into the Democrats as they continue pushing for radical left-wing politics, the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools, and open borders.

Rexrode said that “the fact that this is a jump ball the day before the election, in a state that has shifted so dramatically to the left over the last decade, should be a wake-up call to every Democrat on the ballot in 2022.”

He added that according to their polling, Biden’s approval ratings have dropped from 54% in May of this year to just 45% as of October 19. The organization also found that Biden’s approval numbers among independent voters sunk to just 27%, meaning he’s not in a good position for running again in the future and Democrats are likely to experience that wave of negativity towards the president, too.

The memo offered a map of what governor seats the Republicans should be confident in taking in the midterm elections next year, which included Maine, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania

Next year could be the year the Republicans stop this authoritarian Democrat regime in its tracks.