Government Intel Shows Putin’s “Plan”

( According to Kyiv’s Ministry of Defense’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, Russia may terminate its conflict in Ukraine within four months.

According to the ministry, there is intelligence among the occupier’s military that the so-called ‘special military operation’ is slated to end in September 2022.

After failing to conquer Kyiv, Russia’s deadly conflict has lasted over 70 days, with Moscow concentrating all of its efforts in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried to excuse his unlawful invasion by stating that Russian soldiers strive to “denazify” accessible areas of Ukraine that he claims are oppressed.

NATO partners and Ukrainian authorities have categorically rejected this attempt to mask his ruthless campaign by claiming that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish and lawfully elected.

Defense sources have warned that Putin’s true goal is to link Russian-occupied Crimea, which Moscow invaded unlawfully in 2014, to territories in eastern Ukraine that share a border with Russia.

Putin’s goals, though, have grown beyond the eastern Donbas territories, with a Russian general announcing last month that Moscow wanted to conquer Ukraine’s southern provinces, which border the Black Sea, giving Russia ports domination.

According to Ukraine’s defense ministry, Mariupol is still being shelled by Russian forces, which claim it is conducting a “major cleanup” to clear the city of casualties.

The ministry stated that the Russians are hunting for and destroying the bodies of the dead. As of April 15, the city has three mobile crematoria to aid in their endeavor.

Mariupol has been one of Ukraine’s hardest-hit cities.

The strategically significant port city would help Russia choke the Donbas area by pushing forces up through the south and the north, but it would also allow Russia bridge access from Russian-controlled territory in the southeast.

In the Donbas, Russia has made no significant military progress. Russia’s Rostov area, which borders Ukraine’s eastern flank, has been directed to complete seals and stamps for occupation administrations in Mariupol.

The wording on the ordered stamps and seals reads: ‘Russia, the Republic of Donbas, Mariupol, the military-civil government.’

Educational institutions, hospitals, police, register offices, and administrative institutions are among the institutions that will get new attributes, even though Russian soldiers have entirely destroyed the majority of them.

Similar measures are expected to be used in the Kherson region in June – an area where authorities have warned for weeks that Russia will seek to conquer.