Graham Demands For U.S. Senate To Have Power To Kill Dangerous Bills

( Senator Lindsey Graham told an audience at a Georgia rally on Thursday that Republicans must maintain control of the Senate to stop the passing of extremist left-wing bills coming from the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

Graham made the comments in a campaign push to help the two Republican Senate candidates in the state who are battling to maintain control of the Senate.

“We’ve got a chance here in a few days to make sure that the most radical agenda in the history of American politics dies in the U.S. Senate, that anything coming out of Pelosi’s House comes to the Senate and we kill it dead,” Graham told a Gainesville rally.

Graham appeared alongside Senator Kelly Loeffler who is defending her seat in the state, and who as recently the focus of a vicious false smear campaign from Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff. Loeffler was falsely accused of “campaigning with a klansman” by the far-left candidate, a claim so blatantly false that even CNN’s fact-checker labelled it incorrect.

The Georgia Senate runoff elections are expected to take place on January 5, 2021. Early voting has already started.

Should the Democrats win both the seats, the Senate will be split 50/50, with Senator Kamala Harris having the casting vote in the event of a tie if she becomes the next Vice President of the United States.

Loeffler is being challenged by Reverand Raphael Warnock, who was recently revealed to have run a church camp that was hit by allegations of child abuse.

Loeffler was originally appointed to the Senate seat after Senator Johnny Isakson resigned. The election will be Loeffler’s first chance to campaign for the vote of the people of Georgia.

Graham also recently spoke out about potential issues of voter fraud in Georgia – the same kind that affected the 2020 presidential election in a variety of battleground states.

On December 7, Graham insisted that Georgia must have an audit of mail-in ballot signatures to have confidence in the presidential outcome…an audit that Governor Brian Kemp refused to allow happen.

On December 22, Graham also said that he was briefed on the signature verification used in Georgia, and said it sounds like they “now have a credible process in place to do a signature audit.

Well, we’re still waiting…and the fate of the Senate, and the country, hangs in the balance.

Will the Georgia Senate runoff race be conducted responsibly and free from fraud, or will the Senate lose its Republican majority and its ability to stop far-left legislation from the House in the process?