Granholm Admits Not Knowing Something an Energy Secretary Should Know

( This week, to pull his approval ratings out of the sewer, President Biden released fifty million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

But trying to lower chronically high gas prices by releasing fifty million barrels is pretty much like trying to put out a forest fire with a bottle of Aquafina. In short, it’s just the White House trying to create the fiction that President Biden is doing something about high gas prices.

In a nation as large as the United States, fifty million barrels of oil isn’t going to last very long. And anybody with half a brain could figure that out. Which explains why Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm could not.

On Tuesday, during a press briefing on the President’s move, CBS News White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe asked Secretary Granholm how many barrels of oil the US consumes daily.

And Jennifer Granholm, the Secretary of Energy, couldn’t give him an answer. She didn’t have the numbers in front of her, you see.

Pete Buttigieg doesn’t know anything about transportation and Jennifer Granholm knows nothing about US energy consumption.

America is in great hands.

O’Keefe, who, unlike Granholm, clearly did some homework before the briefing, was correct. In 2020, the US used on average 18 million barrels of oil a day.

Granholm’s defense was the fifty million barrels weren’t going to be released all at once. But that’s hardly the point. Releasing an additional two and a half days of petroleum is a drop in the bucket.

Begging other countries to release their own reserves, which Granholm concedes are far smaller than ours, is also a drop in the bucket.

Beefing up our energy sector and returning to the energy independence we enjoy just one year ago under Trump would do far more than this silly publicity stunt.

On Wednesday, Carol Roth, former investment banker and the author of “The War on Small Business,” appeared on the National Desk to talk about the Biden administration’s drop in the bucket. And let’s just say, that Carol Roth has all the intelligence that Jennifer Granholm lacks.

But this is by design.

The Biden administration doesn’t care that fossil fuels are growing more expensive. In fact, the Biden administration has done everything they can to make fossil fuels more expensive.

And last week, Jennifer Granholm said the quiet part out loud and admitted that it was all part of their plan to force the country to “transition” to unsustainable, unaffordable “green energy.”