Greg Abbott’s Staffers Reportedly Attacked, Attacker Arrested

( Local authorities told Fox News that a guy attacked two campaign workers for Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the vicinity of Houston.

According to a statement from Abbott’s campaign, the two volunteers were attacked by a man who ripped the side view mirrors off their car during door-to-door canvassing in Humble, Texas. He reportedly faced criminal mischief charges after being taken into custody.

The man tried to yank the volunteers out of their car, chased them into a neighborhood, and knocked both side view mirrors out of the car. The volunteers called the police. Authorities in Harris County apprehended the man and charged him with criminal mischief after identifying him and discovering parts of the vehicle in his garbage can.

According to Abbott’s campaign communications director Mark Miner, political violence is never appropriate.

Miner said that with a little more than a month till election day, people’s passion should never escalate into something dangerous.

“There is no place for this in Texas,” minor said.

Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat running for state government in Texas for the second time after losing to Republican Senator Ted Cruz in 2018, is Abbott’s opponent in the third-term race.

About six weeks before the election, the Real Clear Politics average of recent surveys shows Abbott a 7.5% advantage over O’Rourke. In Texas, no Democrat has won a state office in almost three decades.

Election officials across the nation have been dealing with an influx of new dangers since 2020.
According to a recent Brennan Center survey, one in six election officials have faced threats due to their employment, and 77 percent believe these threats have been more frequent in recent years.

Thirty percent of local officials reported knowing one or more election workers who had quit at least in part due to increased threats, intimidation, or fear for their safety, and sixty percent expressed concern that such threats would make it challenging to retain and recruit election workers in the future.

Five out of ten officials say it’s doubtful they’ll stay in office through the 2024 elections.

Threats against election workers just for carrying out their duties pose a danger to American democracy.