Growing Tension Between Kamala and Joe is Starting to Show

( Over the weekend, CNN of all places published a report outlining the growing rift between Team Biden and Team Kamala in the White House. The report claimed that Biden was sidelining his deeply unpopular VP by keeping her out of crucial meetings while dropping politically-dangerous issues at her door.

The CNN article follows the same vein as previous anonymously-sourced stories about the rising tensions between the President and his VP. Back in June, Politico interviewed twenty-two current and former staffers who claimed Kamala Harris’ office was “rife with dissent.”

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the day after CNN’s piece hit, President Biden and Vice President Harris felt it necessary to present a united front during the signing ceremony for the so-called bipartisan Infrastructure bill.

Sadly, their display of unity was far from convincing.

As they walked across the South Lawn to the stage, Biden and Harris briefly walked with their arms around each other’s shoulders. But after a few seconds, Harris veered slightly away from the president creating a noticeable gap.

Once they hit the stage, Harris, a frozen smile on her face, feigned effusive praise for the President. It was hard not to conclude that the phony show of unity was the White House’s way of attempting to put the CNN story in the rearview mirror. But the whole thing felt staged and awkward.

And it most likely was.

According to some experts in body language interviewed by the Daily Mail, the strained relationship between the President and Vice President was being telegraphed through every moment of that awkward signing ceremony.

Body language expert, Darren Stanton, said the interactions between the two revealed unease. Kamala behaved like she was at a family event “she didn’t want to be at.” Her smile was “forced and contrived,” Stanton said noting that the smile never made it up to her eyes.

Judi James, another body language expert interviewed, said their hand gestures when interacting with each other revealed “political power jostling.” She said both Kamala and Joe looked “incredibly awkward” as they walked across the lawn, suggesting that there was nothing relaxed or natural about it.

Read the full piece on Joe and Kamala’s body language HERE.