Gunmen Open Fire On Famous Actress

( A gunman opened fire on actress Denise Richards and her husband Aaron during a road rage incident, according to TMZ. Denise was headed to Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles last week to film “Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace,” which is scheduled to be released in 2023. Aaron was reportedly driving the vehicle and was having trouble finding the location.

The driver behind them was getting angered by Aaron’s slow driving and proceeded to yell at the couple trying to go around them. Although Aaron allowed the other motorist to move around them, he allegedly put a bullet in the back end of the driver’s side, which the couple had not noticed until they arrived at the studio. No one has been injured.

At the studio, Denise was visibly perturbed and someone who saw the bullet hole on the truck called 911. It’s unclear if the police arrived at the scene or took a report.

One source told Fox that Denise was “very shaken up and terrified” but ultimately filmed the entire day, also saying that the “production company made her feel safe.” The crew now thinks that they were after the couple’s car because it is worth a lot of money.

Denise reportedly “powered through the emotions of it all and worked for 12 hours,” while her husband stayed with her. After work, an off-duty cop on set escorted them back onto the freeway where they traveled home.

While responding to an online troll who wrote that they wished the bullet would of at least grazed her neck, Denise tweeted, “Thank you. I would never wish any harm on anyone.”

She added that what occurred to her and her husband was the most terrifying situation she had ever been in.

The Los Angeles Police Department, which has jurisdiction over the area of Popsicle Studio, said that there was no record of a report and no investigation is being conducted, according to NBC News.

“We don’t even know where it happened at this point,” Officer Melissa Podany said.