Half Of Country Thinks Wokism Is Undermining The Military

(Republicaninformer.com)- According to a study released on Thursday by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, half of Americans think “so-called “woke” policies” make the military less effective.

According to the November National Defense Survey, perceived partisanship among the military’s senior brass continues to contribute to Americans’ historically low levels of faith in the institution. A concentration on racial and gender diversity in the U.S. service branches and training academies was named by half of the respondents, primarily Republicans, as one of the biggest dangers to the military’s overall effectiveness and the most significant factor in eroded trust.

On the other hand, “far-right or extremist individuals” serving in the military were primarily blamed by 46% of respondents—most of whom were leaning Democratic—for their lack of trust in the military’s ability to do its overall goal.

Pentagon spokesman Maj. Charlie Dietz said that our military and civilian officials within the DoD must set the example and stay dedicated to nonpartisanship while carrying out the mission.

“Woke” was not defined for respondents in the study. The Department of Defense has increased its efforts to combat alleged extremism, which some belief is directed against majority groups. It has instead placed more emphasis on racial, gender, and sexual orientation diversity among the ranks.

The apparent promotion of a seminar on “transgender visibility” by the Air Force and other LGBT-focused events could potentially contribute to the perception of wokeness.

According to defense officials, racial diversity is a “readiness issue” that must be addressed to ensure that the entire force is fit and well-equipped to handle the increasingly challenging tasks of the modern battlefield.

The DOD announced the establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion committee with civilian employees in September.

According to the survey’s summary, Americans’ trust in the military’s capacity “to behave in a professional and nonpolitical manner” decreased from 40% in 2021 to 35% in 2022.

A bit more than half of the respondents voiced fear about American military prowess.

The summary stated, “These developments seem to show a relationship between Americans’ assessment of the military’s capacity to carry out its primary mission and their perception of its commanders as becoming unduly politicized.”

According to Military Times, 70% of survey participants in 2018, the first year the Reagan Institute conducted the annual poll, stated they had “a great deal” of faith in the American armed forces. In 2021, it fell to 47%, and in 2022, it somewhat increased to 48%.