Harvey Weinstein Took Extreme Actions To Hurt Robin Williams

(RepublicanInformer.com)- According to a new book by film producer Kevin Smith, disgraced Hollywood mogul and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein cut short the theater run of the Academy Award-winning “Good Will Hunting” back in 1997 to hurt Robin Williams’ career.

In his book “Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash,” Smith, an executive producer on “Good Will Hunting,” alleged that Weinstein pulled the film from theaters sooner than expected, despite the fact that it was generating Oscar buzz.

Smith writes that, as part of his negotiated deal to star in the film, Miramax, Weinstein’s production company, would be required to split the profits of “Good Will Hunting” with Williams if the movie grossed over $100 million. And rather than do that, Weinstein had the film pulled from theaters early in order to keep the bulk of the box office profits going to Miramax.

A spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein denied the allegations, calling Smith’s claims “100% untrue.” The spokesperson argued that Miramax never pulled “Good Will Hunting” from theaters before the Academy Awards.

In his book, Smith alleged that pulling “Good Will Hunting” from theaters sooner allowed Miramax to get it to video more quickly and thereby depriving Williams of a larger share in the box office profits. Williams, Smith explained, would not profit in the same way from video sales.

Despite the allegations, “Good Will Hunting” was nonetheless a box office success. The film grossed $225 million in the theaters, 25-times what it took to make the indy film.

Robin Williams went on to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Good Will Hunting.” The film’s co-writers, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, whose superstardom was launched by the movie’s success, won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

In dismissing the allegations made in “Kevin Smith’s Secret Stash,” Weinstein’s spokesperson said that Smith is trying to use Harvey Weinstein as a way to goose the sales of his book. The spokesperson said that both Harvey and his brother (and Miramax co-founder) Bob Weinstein had “the utmost respect and admiration” for Williams, adding that Robin Williams had the same respect for the Weinsteins.