Hillary Clinton Gushes Over Dianne Feinstein, Who Doesn’t Know Where She’s At

Hillary Clinton has defended the 89-year-old Diane Feinstein during an interview with Time, according to Newsmax. Feinstein was recently pictured coming back from the hospital after a battle with shingles and encephalitis. The state of her health prompted many to call for her resignation and note that term limits are severely needed. 

But the former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate appeared to say that Feinstein’s resignation would not be “worth the trade-off” because Democrats would lose a spot on the Judiciary Committee. She made it clear that California voters elected Feinstein and she has since been an effective leader. 

Clinton argued that even if Feinstein was thinking about retiring, she cannot do so because Republicans will not fill her seat with another Democrat. Clinton called it “crummy” because appointing judges is crucial and “we cannot afford to have her seat vacant.” She added that it might be possible only if Republicans did the “decent” thing and fill her seat. But as it stands, she assures, the possibility is off the table. 

When asked how the Democratic leadership allowed their party to get so old, Clinton expressed that she was still not in favor of term limits. She claimed that much of the debate about old age is because people want to take a shot at Joe Biden, but she believes that he is doing well, despite previously stating that his age was worth considering for voters. 

The nearly 90-year-old senator was reportedly hospitalized for nearly three months while recovering from her illnesses. Her absence caused the Senate to become backed up with Biden’s judicial nominees. But Feinstein has enjoyed a lucrative and successful political career. She was first elected in 1992 which was called the “year of the women” after the number of women politicians doubled in the Senate and California was represented by two of them.