Hillary Clinton Might Run In 2024, Ex Clinton Strategist Warns

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Whispers have been swirling in recent days that 2016 failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might run for election in 2024.

On Sunday, one of her former top advisers confirmed that there’s a “good chance” she decides to do just that, with the very real possibility that she’d once again match up with former President Donald Trump.

Speaking on the radio show “The Cats Roundtable” on Sunday, Dick Morris said Clinton “has set up a brilliant strategy … [a] zero-sum game, where the worse [President Joe Biden] does, the better she does, because she’s positioned herself as the Democratic alternative to Biden. Not just to Biden, but to the extreme left in the Democratic Party.”

Morris made a bunch of predictions for what the 2024 Democratic primary field could look like, and it sounds like it could be a wide-open field. It’s somewhat surprising, considering there is a Democrat in the White House and he’d be eligible to run for re-election.

But, it’s no secret that Biden’s approval ratings are pretty low, and there’s a good chance he decides not to run for re-election. If he steps aside, one likely candidate is Vice President Kamala Harris — but she’s got plenty of detractors as well.

Morris mentioned that those who would likely be the frontrunners in a crowded Democratic field would be a Black candidate such as New Jersey Senator Cory Booker — who ran for a brief time in 2020.

Then, it’s likely that he would be joined by “a crazy left-wing candidate, probably AOC (progressive representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), and you’re gonna have Hillary.”

Morris continued that Clinton would make the much stronger Democratic candidate because she focuses on “pragmatism” and not “ideological issues.” He explained:

“[Hillary] gave [an] interview to MSNCB and she said, ‘we have to be careful who we run in purple districts. We can’t go ahead and run left-wing crazies, because we’ll have no chance of winning.’

“She was right about that. She staked out a ground, not on ideological issues, but on pragmatism. You’re stupid if you think you can hang onto the House and Senate running these crazy people

“The accuracy of what [Hillary is] saying will become more and more apparent to the Democrats … The second the [2022 midterm] election is over … every Democrat is going to take a shot at Biden and Harris. They will be DOA. And they will be openly talking about side-tracking them.

“But the first person who staked out the [pragmatic] turf first and owns the turf in the Democratic Party is going to be Hillary. It’s a brilliant, brilliant strategy.”

A lot of what Morris said makes a lot of sense. To many, it may have seemed weird that Clinton re-appeared almost out of nowhere in the last few weeks to criticize the direction that many in the Democratic Party have been taking.

She’s especially criticized the more progressive wing of the party, and how Biden has given into that wing.

Now, though, it looks like her re-appearance was well-timed strategy. If the GOP is able to retake control of the House and Senate following the elections later this year, then she’ll be in a perfect position to pounce, as Morris suggested.