Hillary Suggests She Only Stayed With Bill “Because It Was All Being Done In Public”

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Hillary Clinton claims that she does not “regret” her decision to remain in her marriage to the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

The affair that the 42nd president had with Monica Lewinsky, who was working at the White House at the time, during the 1990s caused a media firestorm and brought the Clinton marriage, which was already under heavy scrutiny, back into the forefront.

Clinton said to Norah O’Donnell of CBS News that the decision to remain married to her husband was one of the most challenging things she has ever done. In the past, Clinton has stated that staying married to her husband was the “gutsiest” thing she has ever done.

In a preview clip, O’Donnell, the anchor of “CBS Evening News,” said to Clinton that she was surprised Hillary noted that staying in her marriage was more courageous than running for president.

Hillary responded by saying in terms of her private life, it was pretty challenging.

β€œAnd as you are aware, everyone had a point of view on the matter,” the twice-failed presidential candidate said. “People who I never knew had extreme opinions.”

The former first lady, who married Bil in 1975, sat down for the interview with O’Donnell and her daughter Chelsea Clinton to promote the upcoming documentary series “Gutsy,” which will be produced by both of them for Apple TV+.

She said it took a lot of prayer and contemplation and talking to people she completely trusted to stay in the marriage with the serial cheater. Hillary, who is now 74 years old, said It took a lot of time to sort out.

She stated, “But I do not have any regrets.”

In another preview, Secretary Clinton spoke with the Reverend Whitney Ijanaten, a chaplain specializing in LGBTQ marriages. Ijanaten told Hillary that her marriage had been on display for everybody to see from the very beginning.

Clinton acknowledged that remaining with her partner after the divorce was a “courageous” decision, but she says this decision is not the best option for everyone.

Not everyone is interested in staying in a marriage with a man who cheats just because they have political ambitions.

She feels she made the right decision. Too bad her political aspirations stalled in humiliation as well.