Hillary Taunts Trump Without Mentioning Name, Crowd Cheers On

NEW YORK, USA - Sep 20, 2016: Candidate for Presidency of the United States Hillary Clinton during the 71 th session of the UN General Assembly in New York

Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to mock Donald Trump’s New York conviction when she took to the stage at a Washington event and asked, “Anything going on today?” The resulting applause and cheering lasted for more than ten seconds. Clinton followed up, saying there was nowhere she would rather be, eliciting more applause. 

The former Senator has made no secret of her feelings toward Donald Trump and, in recent interviews, has stated that she believes another Trump White House will mean the end of democracy in the United States. Clinton compared Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, saying the German people elected him but never got a chance to remove him because he declared himself dictator and canceled subsequent ballots. 

In 2022, former Trump aides admitted that he advised them he would simply refuse to depart from the White House if he lost the election. “I’m just not going to leave,” he told them. 

Secretary Clinton furthermore warned that the presumptive GOP nominee does not understand the importance of international alliances and could withdraw the US from NATO, even though Congress has determined that he cannot do so without its approval. In a March book, “The Return of Great Powers,” former aides are quoted as stating that Trump “saw no point” in NATO and was frustrated at the high number of overseas US troops acting in mutual defense of nations including staunch American allies South Korea and Japan. 

General John Kelly, a former Trump White House Chief of Staff, stated that Mr. Trump believes that if NATO did not exist, leaders such as Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un would not feel so negatively about the Western world. “To him, it was like we were goading these guys,” Kelly said. 

A Trump campaign spokesperson replied to Kelly’s comments, saying some people had obviously forgotten four years of world peace under President Trump’s leadership.