“History” CHANGED – Media Engages In Something Awful

(RepublicanInformer.com)- In an op-ed at the Free Beacon, contributor Andrew Stiles argues that with a biased media, only Democrats are allowed to make history.

The news media couldn’t shut up about how Kamala Harris “made history” by becoming the first female person of color to be elected Vice President.

But when Virginia Republican Lt. Governor Winsome Sears became the first woman of color in history to win statewide office in Virginia, there were no gushing media reports noting how Winsome Sears “made history.”

Stiles points out a recent 60 Minutes feature on Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg in which Anderson Cooper laughingly describes Buttigieg as a “very skilled politician” who became the first openly gay cabinet secretary confirmed by Congress.

Stiles notes the caveat “confirmed by Congress” and explains that the media has to add this caveat because the first openly gay cabinet member in history was Republican Richard Grenell who was appointed acting Director of National Intelligence by then-President Donald Trump.

But Grenell can’t be the one who “made history” because he’s a Republican. Since the media can’t dub Buttigieg the first openly gay cabinet member, they add the caveat “confirmed by Congress” to get around that.

In reality, Grenell did undergo Congressional confirmation when former President Trump nominated him as US Ambassador to Germany. But because he was appointed DNI late in Trump’s term, the media can get away with gushing that Buttigieg “made history” by being the first openly gay cabinet member “confirmed by Congress.”

Virginia’s Attorney General Jason Miyares “made history” by becoming the first Hispanic American to win statewide office in Virginia. But rather than crow about this after last November’s election, the media stayed silent.


Because like Winsome Sears, Jason Miyares is a Republican.

But when Asian American Michelle Wu became Boston’s first “woman of color” mayor, the media was quick to declare that she “made history.”


Because Michelle Wu is a Democrat.

As Andrew Stiles points out, this isn’t a new development. Back in 2003, then-President Bush nominated Hispanic American Miguel Estrada to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Senate Democrats filibustered his nomination because they didn’t want a Republican-nominated judge “making history.”