Home Invasion Suspect shootout Revealed to be Victim’s Relative

The victims of a gun battle between a father and son against three armed home invaders in Indiana discovered that one of the perpetrators was a relative.

In an interview with local media, Darrell Gibbs described how the sound of multiple gunshots rang out from behind his house at around four in the morning on June 23rd.

According to Gibbs, gunshots woke him up. His son came to the door and told him what was going on. Gibbs got dressed and went out. 

Gibbs’ back door was kicked in by three masked, armed attackers. Gibbs’ son returned fire, wounding one.

The invader fell to the ground and dropped his weapon near the fire pit. He asked Gibbs to make a phone call for him.  He then claimed that Gibbs knew who he was. They discovered that the injured man was really a relative of theirs.

The home invader was Gibbs’ nephew’s son,  Matthew Kinniard II. 

Kinniard (24) claimed to have no feelings in his legs.

According to Gibbs, he used his phone to contact emergency services, arrange for an ambulance, and even let Kinniard speak to his grandmother and girlfriend.

Gibbs said he hadn’t seen Kinnaird in such a long time that he barely recognized him.

According to Gibbs, the other two suspects fled via a neighbor’s yard and got into a parked vehicle near the church.  

Gibbs and his son were questioned by the authorities before being let go.

When asked about it, Gibbs denied having anything valuable in his house. He said that, despite his best efforts, he was unable to capitalize on this opportunity. He only had money to pay bills. He believes someone lied to Kinniard about him having valuables. Gibbs said he couldn’t feel sorry for those who do that. You shouldn’t do that to your relatives.

Kinniard is reportedly still hospitalized. According to the police, they have reviewed footage from the neighborhood’s CCTV cameras and are now looking for the remaining two home invaders.