Homeless Mother Killed By Mower

In California, a woman died after being run over by a lawnmower. The woman’s loved ones demand answers about what led to her untimely demise.

The woman was homeless and tragically lost her life on July 8 after being struck by a lawnmower operated by a landscaping contractor contracted by the city of Modesto.

Christine Chavez, 27, was found dead in California’s Beard Brook Park.

According to rumors, Chavez was spotted dozing off in the park. The landscaper allegedly ran over Chavez with a John Deere tractor. An anonymous coworker dialed 911 to report the incident. Chavez was pronounced dead upon the arrival of emergency personnel.

An unnamed worker told the media that he didn’t see the woman until he saw her body in the grass he had previously cut.

According to the victim’s family, Christine’s body parts remained in the grass.

Christopher Chavez, the victim’s father, said he found several fragments of his daughter’s body at the spot where she was struck. He found teeth and skull bones among the carnage.

Christine’s sister Rosalinda Chavez said they didn’t do any due diligence with clean-up efforts. For closure, the family went to the accident site and unexpectedly saw pieces of her. She said it was “horrible.”

Christine’s mother, Josefina Chavez, has spoken out about her grief over her daughter’s murder and her desire for justice.

The mayor of Modesto, Sue Zwahlen, apologized for the accident.

At a recent Modesto city council meeting, Dez Martinez, founder of the Fresno-based homeless advocacy group We Are Not Invisible, argued for establishing a safe 

camping area in the city. Individuals in need of care and support can camp in a secure environment. He said the threat of rape, assassination, physical attack, and being run over must be eliminated for them.

Chavez leaves behind a daughter who is nine years old.