How Donald Trump Is Already Running Whether He Says It Or Not

( The left wing has noticed money will not hinder former President Donald J. Trump from launching his run for president in 2024.
According to reports, the most current publicly accessible data indicates that Trump has at least $113 million in his possession. To put that in perspective, that is greater than the aggregate sum of the funds raised by President Joe Biden’s authorized committees ($7.2 million), the Democratic National Committee ($55 million), and the Republican National Committee ($41 million).
Trump’s current stockpile is probably far greater, but the complete picture won’t become clear until the upcoming campaign filings arrive later this month. In recent memory, Trump’s fundraising efforts were unheard of for a former president.
According to reports, operating within legal limitations and pressing the matter too soon, Trump risks making the same error he did in 2020—running out of donors as the race enters its final stages.
Pay Dirt detailed last month that the Trump financial network is so vast that his team struggles to understand it.
Reports claim the three primary committees at the core of this maze were set up by Trump’s fundraisers to give the former president the most control over a significant portion of the Republican Party’s funding. That makeover wasn’t only about saving money; it could also have held Trump’s reputation in the Republican party.

The plan began only a few weeks after Trump left office, as the GOP struggled to recover from the turmoil of January 6 and the impeachment, and some party officials were covertly searching for leadership elsewhere. But thanks to his rapid financial decisions, Trump gained much-needed power over the party.
Donald Trump still has a long way to go. The government places restrictions on when and how much money he may raise.

Election rules show the Federal Election Commission (FEC) limits the amount of money a candidate can raise from each contributor to $2,900 for the primary and another $2,900 for the general election, while supporters are allowed to give up to $5,800 all at once before the primary.
According to the media, on the expenditure side of fundraising, Trump has largely kept the cash to himself.