How Ron DeSantis’ Fundraising Money Compares To Trump’s


Because of the record-breaking month that Ron DeSantis had in terms of fundraising during his reelection campaign, the Florida Governor is now on par with Donald Trump regarding their ability to collect financial support.

In April, DeSantis raised approximately $10.5 million in donations. DeSantis is a Republican who is running for re-election as governor of Florida.

The record-breaking contributions for the month included about $2.3 million raised by the election campaign team, as well as $8.2 million raised by his political organization, Friends of Ron DeSantis.

The sum from April means that DeSantis has raised more than $113 million for this campaign cycle, which is significantly more than any other candidate for governor of Florida. It is getting close to the amount that Donald Trump has been able to raise through his various political committees.

In 2021, Trump amassed a war chest of $122 million via his Super PACs, which, at the time, was roughly double the amount that DeSantis raised.

Although neither Trump nor DeSantis has made a public declaration of their interest in running for president in 2024, the two have long been considered the leading candidates for the Republican Party.
Although Trump is unable to use his war chest for a presidential campaign, and DeSantis’ funding is being used solely for his reelection bid, the figures serve as a warning sign to any potential candidate about the amount of support and money they may need to compete if they choose to throw their hat into the ring.

According to former Florida Senate President Bill Galvano, the fact that Governor DeSantis can gather more than one hundred million dollars in donations without running his campaign on a global scale demonstrates that the governor is “in a new category” when it comes to fundraising.

Galvano said that he thinks it’s less about fundraising skills and more about the fact that DeSantis has created this reality in Florida that everybody wants to be part of the freedom that he’s made.