Howard Hugh’s Wife Reveals Disturbing Secret Years Later

She described the relationship between eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes and his ex-wife as unthinkable and damaging.

A 94-year-old Hollywood legend, Terry Moore, recently spoke about her uneasy relationship with Hughes, which began with their 1949 secret marriage.

Moore said in an interview that Hughes deserved to die at 70 from renal illness because of how he treated her during their time together while she was a “young woman.” Although, she did gush that he was the most “charming man you could ever find.” 

The actress, most famous for her role in the 1952 film Come Back Little Sheba, married the film’s producer when the two were traveling abroad. Hughes allegedly tore up their marriage paperwork, so no official record of their union could ever be located.

Moore stated it was “very complicated” when they were married for only eight years when she left Hughes, and he married Jean Peters in 1957.

Aside from his charm, Moore said he was a liar. She said he committed some truly cruel things and was hurt by his actions. She didn’t realize he was cruel and eventually couldn’t take any more of him.

Hughes, who spent his life expanding his business and once owned RKO Studios, lost weight until he weighed only 100 pounds. He was being transported to a hospital for treatment when he passed away.  

The actress met Hughes in a Hollywood restaurant in the 1940s while she was with her then-boyfriend. 

She assumed then that Hughes’s attendance at the eatery was just coincidental. But she realized it wasn’t necessarily so.

“We assumed it was a fluke, but with Howard, nothing ever is. Everything was planned out,” she explained. 

The ‘dashing, exhilarating, adventurous dates’ between Moore and Hughes didn’t last long. 

Moore has been acting since he was ten, and she shows no signs of stopping. 

Silent Life: The Story of the Lady in Black, in which she stars, will soon be released.  

She portrays the mysterious black-clad woman who traditionally brings a rose to Rudolph Valentino’s tomb on the anniversary of his death.