Hunter Biden Corruption Revealed By Former George W. Bush Ethics Chief

( Richard Painter, the head ethics lawyer during the George W. Bush administration, revealed on Friday that the only likely reason that people will purchase artwork by Hunter Biden is to establish some kind of favor with his father, President Joe Biden.

During a segment On Fox & Friends First, Painter said that the scheme – which will see Hunter Biden selling his artwork at a New York exhibition this fall, with paintings expected to fetch as much as $500,000 each – “makes absolutely no sense.”

Painter said that unless people are trying to purchase access to the White House or someone in the Biden administration, then it doesn’t make sense to buy the art.

He added that he doubts buyers are interested in “just the art for the art’s sake.”

Take a look at the art for yourself, and ask whether you’d buy it for $500,000:

Well, would you?

Painter noted that Hunter Biden, a 51-year-old recovering drug addict, isn’t even an established artist – meaning that the value placed on his work just doesn’t make any sense.

Putting on his “ethics hat,” Painter recommended that if Hunter Biden really wants to make it in the art world, he should wait until his father leaves the White House before trying to make a name for himself with his art.

He also suggested that the Biden administration has been less than transparent about the issue, claiming that the White House is endorsing the exact opposite approach of keeping Hunter Biden’s art purchasers secret…by allowing Hunter Biden to attend a gallery event where potential buyers will see the art and make it known to the curator that they intend to purchase or bid on a piece.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that it doesn’t matter that Hunter Biden will meet the potential buyers as he won’t be having any discussions about purchasing decisions.

I guess we’re just meant to believe them.