Ilhan Omar Avoids Question On Her Relationship With Jewish Community

( During a friendly interview with MSNBC host Chris Hayes, radical Squad member Ilhan Omar had a difficult time when the subject turned to her strained relationship with the Jewish community.

Appearing on his podcast “Why Is This Happening?” Hayes confronted Omar about the backlash she’s received over her frequent anti-Semitic remarks and her harsh criticism of Israel. Hayes said he knows a lot of progressive Jews who were offended by the things Omar has said and given that her district has a “vibrant Jewish world,” he wondered what her conversations with her Jewish constituents have been like.

Rather than address the question directly, Omar hedged, saying that no communities are monolithic and people have different ideologies and come from different perspectives and that will “inform” whether they have a positive or negative reaction to what she has said.

In other words, none of your beeswax, Chris.

Instead of pursuing that line of questioning, Omar shifted gears and began talking about her Somali community, claiming that 95 percent of the Somali community didn’t vote for her in her first two races.

Rather than get her back on track to discuss her relationship with her Jewish constituents, Hayes let Omar prattle on how people’s perspectives are “informed” by “who they think you will be and, you know, what they expect you to follow through with.”

But she wasn’t talking about the Jewish community; she was still talking about her Somali community.

The Jewish question never came up again.

Instead, she meandered along saying she would stand up for justice and make sure nobody is oppressed and blah-blah-blah.

Then she claimed that the reason she wasn’t initially supported in her Somali community is that she defeated male Somali primary candidates and “some” didn’t think it set a good example to have a woman as the first Somali legislator.

But now, Omar told Hayes, the Somali community supports her.

Of course, Hayes didn’t ask her about the Somali community. He asked her about her relationship with her Jewish constituents. But Ilhan clearly didn’t want to talk about it.