Injured Fox News Star Tells What Happened After Getting Hurt 

( After a year of bloody fighting, the conflict in Ukraine is still going strong.  

A journalist is speaking up for the first time about the mental anguish he has been experiencing due to his work on the front lines. 

According to a report, Trey Yingst, a foreign journalist for Fox News, stated in an emotional opinion piece that he has been struggling with post-traumatic stress because of his time in Ukraine. 

Yingst explained that while reporting in Ukraine, he had been subjected to incoming fire, saw corpses scattered over landscapes, and experienced complicated anguish.   Ukraine was one of the most distressing things he’d seen in person. 

Yingst said that he does not believe the traumatic experiences he has been having will be resolved soon, yet he claimed not to regret being in Ukraine. 

The journalist said that he believes he must contribute to normalizing the topic of mental health. He campaigned for mental health services which the network has supplied. 

According to a report, Yevhenii Sakun was reportedly the first journalist to be reported as having been slain due to the fighting.  He worked as a camera person for the Ukrainian tv network LIVE, which was reporting on the invasion. 

Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian correspondent Oleksandra Kuvshynova were both slain in the line of duty while reporting the conflict in Ukraine for Fox News. They were leaving the Kyiv area on the 14th of March when their car was hit by gunfire, ultimately resulting in their deaths. 

Benjamin Hall, a journalist for Fox News, was also hurt in the assault but has already made it out of Ukraine without further incident. 

A report reveals that the chief executive officer of Fox, Suzanne Scott, said that the journalists were engaged in investigative reporting when their vehicle came under fire.