Instagram Removes Disturbing Post About Children And Controversial Subject

( Recently, Instagram took down a post after receiving numerous complaints that it was inappropriate.

A slideshow-making Instagram user called for adults to talk to kids about “pleasure” in a controversial post. The picture carousel displayed stock photos of kids, all of whom appeared to be under the age of ten. Just days after it was posted on the @queers*xtherapy page on September 3, it was taken down when commentators voiced their concerns and reported the post for having inappropriate content.

On a slide, it was written, “Normalizing and destigmatizing the pursuit of pleasure – s-xual and otherwise — can convey a strong message to children.” Slides with additional advice on how to “normalize pleasure” and discuss “pleasure-centered education” with kids were also included.

Before removing it, the post’s title stated, “Contrary to what some folks imagine, teaching youngsters that s-x feels wonderful does not cause more young people to have s-x.

The message was “very alarming,” according to Landon Starbuck, the founder of Freedom Forever, a nonprofit organization devoted to preventing child exploitation and trafficking.

According to Starbuck, quick action is required “to protect children and make sure this heinous behavior never becomes commonplace,” she told The Daily Wire. ” She goes on to say that progressive instructors contribute to the issue.

The Expansive Group, which identifies as a “team of queer therapists, coaches, mentors, and s-x educators that widen awareness surrounding gender, s*xuality, and relationships,” runs the Instagram account for “queer s*x therapy.” Leah Goodman, who wrote the now-deleted article, identifies as a “queer educator” and uses the pronouns “she/they” on her website.

On one slide, it is said that “normalizing and destigmatizing the pursuit of pleasure—s*xual and otherwise—can convey a strong message to children.”

The @queers*xtherapy account sent a message to their Instagram “story” feature following anger on social media. The statement stated they disabled comments for yesterday’s post about s-x education for children owing to violent threats made towards their team. They said they firmly believe that there are appropriate approaches to discussing pleasure at all growth stages.

The post was removed the following day.