Intruder Found In Ditch After Home Owner Opens Fire

Police officers discovered an alleged home invader lying in a ditch after a homeowner in Colorado Springs shot at him on Tuesday evening at approximately 7:45.

Officers arrived at a residence on the 700 block of Nebula Court, suspecting a burglary.

The homeowner informed them that he had shot the intruder.

CSPD reported that Zink fled from the house following the shooting, and law enforcement discovered him injured in a nearby ditch. Zink was taken to the hospital and did not survive.

The deceased person was identified as William Zink, a 28-year-old. He reportedly fled from the house after being shot and was subsequently discovered bleeding in a ditch.

Colorado Springs Police Department public information officer Robert Tornabene stated that they are currently working on gathering information about the incident. They are trying to establish the timeline, determine how the individual gained access, and understand the owner’s state of mind during the occurrence. Additionally, they are investigating whether the owner felt threatened or feared for their life.

Police believe that Zink was attempting to enter the home, possibly with criminal intent, but are still investigating to confirm whether there was any connection between the man in the ditch and the shooter.

The CSPD Homicide Unit is leading the investigation.

According to the police, there is no evidence suggesting that the two men were acquainted, and they suspect that Zink intended to commit a crime upon entering the residence. They are trying to rule out that connection prior to determining the next steps.

Tornabene mentioned that CSPD is unable to provide any comments on potential criminal charges for the homeowner due to the ongoing investigation.

Police said Zink’s death is the city’s 14th homicide of the year. At the same time last year, 26 homicide investigations were underway.