Iran Government Kills Protestors In Shocking Strike

( Joe Biden is advancing talks with Iran over his plans to get the largest state sponsor of terrorism to come back into compliance with the failed “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. The president is moving ahead with the talks despite recent reports that Iranian authorities have murdered and even tortured a number of peaceful protestors in the country calling for democracy.

One America News describes how a “flurry of reports” from Iranian protest and opposition groups came on Monday that mass protests were being met with deadly force in Khuzestan and Tehran.

The pro-democracy protests were met with soldiers and tasks, with large numbers of protesters killed by Iranian authorities. Victims include Iranians as young as just 17 years old.

The fact that President Joe Biden is granting a new round of sanctions relief to Iran in the hopes that the country will come back into compliance with the failed Obama-era nuclear deal is pretty abhorrent to anybody who is willing to be honest about it, and Texas senators have joined together to support legislation that will impose new human rights sanctions on Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Well, if President Joe Biden won’t do it, someone has to.

Senator Bill Hagerty announced on July 17 that he worked with Texas Senator Ted Crus to introduce the new legislation against the Supreme Leader as well as Ebrahim Raisi, the President-elect of Iran who will assume his new role later in the year.

President Joe Biden has yet to say anything about the pro-democracy protests in Iran which were sparked by the so-called “election” of Raisi this summer. The Supreme Leader of Iran chose which candidates could appear on the ballot paper, meaning the people of Iran didn’t have much choice but to elect an extreme Jihadist to lead the country.

Why won’t Biden say anything about this?