Iran Makes Violent Promise

At the funeral held on Wednesday for a pair of military advisers killed last week by Israelis, a high-ranking Iranian military man vowed revenge.

Funeral footage released by Mehr News shows mourners of the two Iranians “chanting noisily against the Zionist government and the U.S.” 

Israel carried out a number of raids in Syria to eradicate Iranian-backed terrorists. Two Iranian military advisors were killed in recent Israeli bombings in Syria, prompting Iran to threaten a “strong and decisive retaliation.”

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi declared that the Israelis know they will receive a bigger blow than what “they have dealt to us.” Naqdi is a deputy commander with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

The remarks are made while a proxy war between Iran and Israel continues in Syria, with Iranian-backed troops conducting terror strikes against Israel. Recent attacks in and around Damascus have been blamed on the Israeli forces after Iran utilized its bases in Syria to fire a drone into Israeli territory.

On Thursday, Iran’s UN envoy asked the organization to condemn Israel’s attacks on Syria as illegal under international law.

Since China mediated a diplomatic détente between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Israeli government has been more politically isolated than ever in the Middle East. Restoring Syria’s standing in the region is also a priority for China.

A spate of Palestinian violence at Jerusalem’s holy sites is another issue for Israel’s conservative government to cope with. The Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to incite Palestinians to violence to weaken Israel and make it more susceptible to terrorist attacks by using the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as a staging ground.

On Wednesday, Israeli police and Palestinians battled inside the al Aqsa mosque, prompting a rocket bombardment from Gaza-based terror groups supported by Iran. Iran jumped on the recent wave of unrest immediately.

On Thursday afternoon, militant organizations in Lebanon—controlled by Iran’s Hezbollah terror group—launched a missile assault into Israel, adding to concerns of a broader regional battle involving Iranian proxies.