Iran Snubs Biden In Nuclear Talks

( Controversial Secretary of state Antony Blinken said last week that Iran does not appear to be willing to restart discussions to restore the failed 2015 nuclear deal established by the Biden administration. It follows the installation of a new hardline Islamist president in Iran, who has not indicated a date to return to discussions.

On Wednesday during a meeting with Israel’s foreign minister, Blinken said that Tehran is continuing to enrich uranium to 60% – well above the agreed level under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – and is now developing new nuclear technologies.

Well, they weren’t exactly planning on abiding by it anyway, were they?

Blinken also said that time is running out to come to an agreement to return to compliance with the old deal, indicating that President Joe Biden is faced with admitting that former President Donald Trump was right about Iran all along.

Either that or he will have to cave to Iran’s demands and lift every single economic sanction on the country in the hope that they will return to compliance on their own.

Secretary Blinken added that the United States will continue to work with Israel to explore new ways to stop the country from becoming a nuclear-armed state – an end-goal that Blinken insisted could only be weeks away earlier this year.

Blinken refused to offer a specific date for the United States to officially give up on trying to come to an agreement with Iran, but warned that with “every passing day” Iran’s refusal to engage in good faith discussions means the runway is getting short.

“We will look at every option to deal with the challenge posed by Iran,” he promised.

Is lifting all sanctions included in “every option”? Or will Biden have the guts to call their bluff?