Iran Unveils New Dangerous Weapon

( Former President George W. Bush went on the record last week, suggesting that the aggression from Palestine directed towards Israel over the last month is being egged on and supported by Iran…and new reports of an Iranian long-range combat drone named “Gaza” suggests that he’s right.

Following weeks of rocket attacks launched from Gaza towards Israel, Iran announced the new “Gaza” drone. Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, chose the name to honor the Islamic militants from Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Palestine, and to reaffirm its stance against a so-called “Zionist” invasion.

Sepah News, the state-run media network, revealed the Gaza drone which can carry as many as 13 bombs and fly more than 1,200 miles without stopping.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Gen. Hossein Salami said during the launch that they chose the name so that, “God willing, it can be an eternal honor for those who are resisting against the Zionist invasion and offense in that land.”

The so-called Zionist invasion is simply the existence of Jewish people living in the Jewish state of Israel.

The announcement comes at a time when President Joe Biden is understood to be preparing to lift sanctions on Iran established during the Trump administration. Biden is facing intense criticism and scrutiny over those plans after the bombardment of Israel by Hamas rockets, but no plans to change direction with Iran have been announced.

President Biden appears to be all-in on getting Iran back into alignment with the failed Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal, or “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.” A deal that Iran never truly complied with in the first place.

According to Sepah News, the new drone will be used by the Iranian military at the end of the year once technical tests have been completed.

That’s pretty terrifying.