Iranian Weapons In Use By Putin, Feds Confirm

( Recent evidence from the Defense Intelligence Agency shows that Iran supplied the drones Russia deployed to frighten Ukrainian communities and pound the country’s infrastructure.

The DIA assessment uses declassified and publicly accessible photos to demonstrate that Russia has utilized the identical unmanned aerial vehicles Iran has employed in the Middle East to carry out operations in Ukraine. Moscow has renamed the drones it got from Iran.

The unusual design of the drones employed in Ukraine has facilitated their attribution to Iran.

According to the DIA assessment, the one-way attack drone developed initially in Iran but dubbed Geran-2 by the Russians has a distinctive design.

The source claims that photographs of UAVs in Ukraine that have been making the rounds in the open press clearly show the unique design of the Shahed-136.

Parts of a Shahed-136 drone were found in Ukraine, leading the DIA to conclude that it is the same model of UAV that Iran sent to the Houthis in Yemen and which they used in an assault on a commercial ship in 2021. The DIA discovered that an Iranian-made MD-550 engine powered a downed Shahed-136 from Ukraine and that other engine components from downed drones in Ukraine were the same as those used by Iranian drones.

Evidence shows that Iranian drones employ the MD-550, initially designed in Germany.

The Shahed-131 is a smaller variant of the Shahed-136; the Russians call it the Geran-1, a one-way assault drone. The DIA found specific components even cracked similarly after impact between drones employed in the Middle East and Ukraine.

The article also said that Ukraine had returned a mostly complete Mohajer-6 from the Black Sea. According to the DIA, the multirole drone looks precisely like the Iranian systems observed in Iran and Iraq.

Iran first claimed that the claim was false. Later, during the resumed invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Iran said it had supplied the drones. The United States, though, insists that the drone deliveries are part of a continuing agreement.

National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said in December that Russia and Iran had formed “a full-fledged military collaboration” that may lead to the development of drones in Russia. The Iranian media has said that Tehran may even obtain Russian fighter planes.