Is Hillary Clinton Positioning Herself for a 2024 Run?

( She wouldn’t, would she?

Is Hillary Clinton maneuvering to run for president again in 2024?

Well, crazier things have happened.

Last Sunday, in an interview on the Today Show, Hillary warned that former President Donald Trump is plotting to run again in 2024, and if he wins, the consequences for the country would be catastrophic. Hillary claimed that a Trump victory in 2024 “could be the end of our democracy.”

She said the American people have to understand that the next presidential election is “a make-or-break point.”

In her interview, Hillary said she tried to warn the country about Trump in 2016. She tried to tell us how “dangerous” Trump and his allies were. But people elected him anyway.

It isn’t going unnoticed that, while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sink in the polls, Hillary is becoming ubiquitous, leading some to suspect that she’s positioning herself as the alternative candidate for 2024.

Yeah, just what America needs, replace the 81-year-old Joe Biden and run a 77-year-old Hillary Clinton instead.

In a recent interview on Steve Bannon’s podcast, former Trump advisor Jason Miller said Hillary is trying to inject herself into the 2024 race and suggested that she was positioning herself as the replacement for Joe Biden. Miller compared Hillary to a buzzard circling the carcass of Joe Biden’s political career, adding that she knows the Democrat nominee won’t be either Biden or Harris, so she’s going to insert herself into the “national discussion and remind people that I’m still here.”

And while Hillary may be scheming to run again, it doesn’t appear that the Democrat propagandists in the media are behind her.

Last Monday, CNN offered up 11 possible replacements to run in 2024 instead of old Joe Biden. And Hillary’s name is nowhere on the list.

During her press briefing on Monday, Jen Psaki was asked about “another round of stories” on the political fate of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and who might run in 2024. The reporter asked if the press should “knock it off.” Psaki reiterated that President Biden “has every intention” of running again in 2024.