Isreal Was Secretly Evacuating Victims From Afghanistan

( As President Joe Biden was abandoning innocent American civilians in Afghanistan, it turns out that Israel was working behind the scenes to help people escape the country.

As the Taliban encroached into Afghanistan and took control of the country, IsraAID was helping to evacuate more than a hundred refugees from the country. The Israel-based non-government organization (NGO) was reportedly helping to coordinate the safe removal of prominent people in Afghanistan, ranging from judges and journalists to TV presenters, human rights activists, artists, scientists, and diplomats.

The 125 people evacuated by the group were safely transported to Albania, around 2,500 miles away from Afghanistan, and were joined by roughly 1,000 other refugees fleeing Islamist rule in the country.

According to a statement issued by the organization on Wednesday, the people evacuated from Afghanistan were known to be “particularly vulnerable” to the Taliban, with many of them having served as popular female empowerment figures when Afghanistan was ruled by a democratic government.

This is the second time that IsraAID has helped people from Afghanistan escape the country. On September 6, the organization successfully evacuated 42 women and young girls from the country and landed them safely in the United Arab Emirates.

A total of 167 refugees will eventually be resettled in other countries, the group said, including Switzerland, France, and Canada – but before that happens, the group said that they will first need to ensure that they have access to “crucial services” while they live in Albania.

It sounds like this organization did more vetting for these refugees than President Joe Biden did. Most of the people he evacuated to the United States were from Afghanistan, including an unimaginably large number of translators.

Just how many translators were there out there?